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And you all are guilty before God and continue to mock the Holy word and God’s own commands. He ended up pepper-spraying those who were there legitimately for the funeral of a slain soldier and a police officer and the Phelps family. Mostly because I find that with fundamentalists or anyone who's a hard liner, you REALLY get to them by inferring that they aren't really living up to all the crazy shit they believe. I don't believe in God but I do know if he truly exists he would say something like this: "Life is wonderful. There are sins in everyone and they are too ignorant to understand. "To me, God created women for men, and men for women. I have also sat in churches in which their so-called life style was condemned. All these disasters are NOT caused by God, but by weather or man (9-11). another thing that doesn't make sense to me. , this creature is WAY creepy ! Thank God...they may serve or think they do a God of Vengence but it's his vengence not theirs and let him do it and not you. I feel sorry for the kids, but that's life in a free country - you have a chance of being born into this kind of crazy. And you know she is! Why do religious people measure the quality of things by the amount of deaths. Im not a Fan of any wars at all that arent 100% necessary by that I mean where a nation or force poses a direct and immediate threat, I know this will be counter to alot of peoples beliefs and may be viewed as disrespectful to service men and women especially those who die during service but that being said to tarnish and sabotage thier funerals and memorials for them and thier families is shameful and wrong. Their actions are beyond despicable and should be condemned but to torture another human being is sinking below even their repugnance. Why should your views legitimize me? I plan on being a US Marine as well, but maybe since fighting for justice is wrong, I won't. The first amendment protection of speech has already been limited in several ways based on supreme court rulings, or didn't you know that? Yet through their actions they cause other people pain and suffering. I fail to understand that it is not man who shall be the judge but God? Not good. Two fundamental rights. May be you are already embarrassed to be human or a weak one at that, if your embarrassement comes from reading my comments your ground must be quite shaky. Thank you for having a brain and some sensible contribution to this page other than more colorful terms to call the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. He does not need your input, and he can do that job himself. The fact that Louis didn't ask those questions means that he was not allowed to. Jesus made friends with sinners and helped them. I inherited more than my share of mental disorders from my dad's side of the family, overcoming stupidity has become an afterthought these days. and YES. In God's perspective, the soul is eternal; all pain and tears and suffering will be eliminated in the future for those that believe now. What this family believe in is similar to what FPI believe, but with different label. Really. Maybe next time go to the hospital, and get em before they die". The pastor of their church doesn't even use scripture in his sermons which is a huge problem. How are these people any different from your run of the mill believer? Your pride sir is no more different to the ones shown in the documentary.People are making comments on the doc. Obviously he was not hearing "God" when he spoke such things, so I am quite sure he's missing much in other ways too. Truly, if this is what is considered "Christian", then I'm proud to be considered a heathen, or "fag", or "fag-lover", as well as Marine. It is a very sad situation. Now anybody would learn to hate the world if you were always trying to help and people and they just spat in your face, which from her point of view is what is happening. That doesn't mean i can't think as Ozy suggest. These people preach nothing but hate, so what do they expect back? Free speech is a right, and when you show yourself to be irresponsible to uphold that right unto yourself, it should be taken away. Not hatred. They may have a strange way of showing this and a strange way of preaching about God that you or I are certainly not use to, but the fact of the matter is that they do in fact believe in Him. Should not be allowed. Oh, by the way he doesn't hate America, but he probably hates the direction it is going and we will be punished if we turn our back on God!!! Im not a violent person, but these cult members can easily turn you into one! MAN. Haven't you notice how sexually active kids, teenagers have become. so God hating haters wouldnt that make HIM a hater as well? Looks like Grandpa may have well been the first unfortunate soul to be cloned using the genes of a baboon many many years ago. They don't know what they are saying and are just feeding their parents rhetoric. WHO ARE THEY? Well maybe not Buddhism though, they are classed more of a philosophy. Secondly, I am totally convinced that these people (adults) are sexual abusers. And protesting at funnerals is frowned appon. I agree with you that the members of the WBC are entirely immune to logic. Never underestimate a Phelps even Gramps. I would say that these children have not even reached the age of such curiosity, and beyond that, it is repeatedly told to them, day after day. There is nothing different from these hate mongers and the other idiot preachers that are running theses Jim Jones like cults. Oh, and the teenagers. for us to win the pi of I and 1 He never asked questions about their doctrine so I have no idea whether or not I agree with the doctrine of the Westboros or not. "This man is an ass f##king paedophile" None. i hope they get ignored and fade away into obscurity. God? But hey, what the hell do i know. But who am I fooling? It was possible, but it was only threatened by the disciples. It's science. It is the children who will never be able to make their own decisions. I hate to say it but he loves this group of people too. Its because so obviously that they are delivering the message in a bad way. When asked about other things the Bible teaches like forgiveness, mercy, kindness etc they simply refuse to talk. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything's failing? The Devils' gonna hear you .. Don't make a sound .. I believe you can still help those in need, still be kind, and love everyone around you without a book that some dude wrote. However, obviously, when the bible says "sleep as a man does with a woman," it means intercourse. If all of his children and grandchildren had stayed the church would be a lot bigger than it is now. - Ah kid. These people are obvisually obessed with a religion that they don't even know half about. They dont go to war in favor of a certain group, they fight in the best interest of the entire country, and these Westboro freaks are associated in the word "nation." While the adults in this video (18 and older) have every right to their beliefs, they have no right to force their kids into such a bizarre, dangerous lifestyle. Thats like buying tuna that aint dolphin safe. ', And although I'm quoting a movie, it's said, "Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.". (Note for Williamson: I’m not saying I’m against single motherhood or having a child out of wedlock, as long as the child is loved and taken care of properly – I’m saying Shirley is a great example of just how utterly hateful, twisted and unable to live by their own rules these folks truly are.). Ecclesiastes 12:13. Yes, God does love everyone, but remember His character is one of justice also. So is his wife and kids. Jason, I think you sound like a reasonable human being. Strictly in your mind along side your invisible gods that you telepathically communicate with. These people are doing exactly what God told us not to do and not doing anything God has told us to do. I just hope I have an IED ready for them when I do. (naturally, being our closest cousins in animal kingdom), It is refreshing to see Christians honestly portraying what the bible is all about. For we will all stand before God's judgment seat.". Achems Razor I totally agree with you . Try reading the book that you claim to understand and follow! Over in the next suburb, or over in the MIDDLE EAST? PS: These people belong in jail! Repentance is the First work. Go find an remote island and keep your hatred among your family. God is merciful and so good. I do agree with some of their views. Are you calling me a libtard? If you follow the behaviour within the family, particularly the girls, there is a clear pattern of behaviour which is evident. Makes no sense to me. We are just an intelligent species that understand the universe to some degree. You are the embodiment of what I have always believed TheTruthforyou Christians to be. CHILD ENDANGERMENT among other things! bigoted m*rons that call attention to themselves. why allow the jews to be slaughtered throughout history if they are so favoured? There is the moral law and then there are the purity laws (not wearing clothing made of two kinds and not eating pork and shellfish which was good since they didn't really know how to clean them properly and kept at the right temperature) which religious leaders needed to follow because they had to go into the Holy of Holies which is where the presence of God was. Even if I should die in an earthquake or tsunami now, my soul remains and has an eternity to be "compensated" for any unfairness on earth now. they think they're so great... they think every one aside from them is a sinner. @jason, where was an attack? This documentary is a prime example of how far astray people can go when they feel it is their sole right to define what God is or isn't. That's fine. In retaliation to this, the modern churches just keep on back-tracking after their claims are smashed, and speak of the need for having faith to be able to 'understand'. in 2 Timothy, Paul says that God's disciples must watch their tongues. They give a bad name to people who believe in god, making everyone seem like a brainwashed idiots. sick. Next, I suppose you'll be saying a dog who humps your leg is "attracted" to human legs! Who are they to tell us what God says or is saying? how childish of a story! These people are seriously mentally ill. {shudder}. I honestly don't think there is anyone on this board who disagrees with that at all. The non "family" guy who got there originally as a reporter. Your Lords human feces fetish. Your foul language adds a useful touch, too. You fail to understand the Hebrew Scriptures.. I leave you with a quote you use on your own website, Fear God and keep His commandments. "Rageoholic" ive never heard that before but when he said that about the minister it seemed to be hitting it on the head. They go to a scene where every single person attending that funeral is honoring someones life and greiving... obviously they are going to be in a horrified state when they hear these moron inbred retard "god" lovers acting like they even know who the person was or that they are in "hell". FYI, There is no God other than... Y'Shua HaMaschiach Ve'Melech HaYehudim..!!! actually that's not true 1+1 can equal 3....and it depends how you look at it...put two fingers in front of you and look in the will see three! He sure did his best but when your talking to a brick wall its hard to get anything out of it, "Even the person who has committed the most abominable atrocity, still remains a child of God." It cracks me up that they don't even see the irony in protesting at funerals of soldiers and singing their stupid song about "God hating the USA" Seriously, where else could they so freely gag us with that garbage on street corners? or Does that make the janitor an evil man? Obviously these people are closet homosexuals! And no, if you arent Catholic you still cant bloody well blame it on them as if youre lot are a completley seperate organisation (but not actually, but are, but...). The best way to help them or stop them would be to either ignore them or be kind to them. No. You cannot combat religious dogma unless you understand biblical scripture and religious fundamentalism. The cult of morons or ignorance? "Gramps" does exactly that. That whole family scares me. No one. HIS grace and mercy is for us :). Congratulations, you are the first and only person who has missed the entire point of my letter Westboro Baptist Church. They call them sinners for fighting for their country, for the right to free speech. the stupid b**** named her son GAY-BRIEL what a hypocritical piece of shit......... throwing a slurpy to a kid might seem mean, but if any group of people or familly would spend as much hate time and money towards them, they could not see the sky under all the BAPTIST CHURCH ARE A CULT signs and they would soon drown in or have there head blown off by slurpy. How can they not see their sin of arrogance..of rebeliion for Christ has commanded that we be(through the spirit)be conformed to the image of Christ. ", Fanaticism and brainwashing, that's all there is to it lol. They're both educated and living in the modern world and yet they're completely brainwashed. There is nothing wrong with that so long as we do not mistake consensus for evidence. It also says you go to hell for killing, stealing, lusting, lying, and not respecting your parents. Maybe you can send me a card or gift basket the time I’m hospitalized after being injured defending a member of our community from attack. May that self righteous psycho burn forever and ever. I'm starting to wonder if they've ever read a single page. Feet Eagar to Run to Evil: Going to places you know God isn’t in the middle of: TV, books, friends, parties, drugs, booze. In this regard, they will need the love and forgivence that is promised in the Bible. Their whole being is a crock and full of lies. They will do anything to distance themselves from that which, unfortunately, will never ever be too far away. GOd did send HImself Down in the person of JESUS HIS SON to Die for us and Rise again. They are going to hell. I have sat with them over the year enough to know that the Bible is not what they are interested in. So what did Louis Theroux make of the Phelpses after three weeks? So you might want to hit record on Love Island which will be airing at the same time over on ITV2. Why? So as you see Christ fulfilled the law for us to set us free, if you have eyes to see you will see but if your heart is hardened you will be blind as it was then it is now. It is the ego's version of salvation and since it is probably easy for these people to follow the law of not being a homosexual BY DEFAULT. Raise your they should be holding signs up that say god hates those who judge others---wow. Just because he lived around the 12 disciples and slept beside them (which was perfectly normal for that time period) you can't assume that he was gay. Mental Health Services. I am so so so glad, I made the most logical and harmless choice. HIre the Angels to follow them wherever they go - everywhere ! God favored and does favor the people of Isreal as a whole and as a nation as a pledge to Abraham, who was very pleasing in God's sight. preach religious and social tolerance. Most of these people are mere children. This will be my last post, sorry for spamming the last 4 threads, i just cant keep quiet. I think you missed the gist of what I was saying, and filled in a lot of the blanks I left yourself.
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