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The structure of the formal Requiem Mass and its Latin text developed within the Catholic Church over time, and composers have generally picked and chosen—and even added—when setting sections of the Death Mass proper. He preferred the full orchestra version, which this is, and hand picked the mezzo soprano Helene Bouvier. Franz von Suppé: Requiem in D Minor (1855). Your list is missing Faure’s and Dvorak’s requiems! Highly esteemed in his day, perhaps his reputation has suffered because of the propagandistic music he composed on behalf of France’s Revolutionary regime. Maybe that’s just the people I know though. While (as a conservative) I respect your right to an opinion, I most passionately disagree with your assessment of Brahms’ German Requiem and Faure’s Requiem – they are in my view two of the greatest works of art, and I hold them very dear. I have Tomasek coming in the mail. Will you help us remain a refreshing oasis in the increasingly contentious arena of modern discourse? Whenever the choir is singing, the sound is distant and diffuse, and the counterpoint is barely audible; … In Flanders Fields is wonderfully intense, too. Robert Woods, prod. Durufle:Requiem Import Maurice Durufle (Künstler) Format: Audio CD. I also think you give short shrift to the Durufle Requiem. American Record Guide This interpretation of the Requiem is as good as any I've heard. Many of the ones I’ve discovered on my own have made your list. 2. Quite pretty but nothing new. “Should not church music be mostly for the heart?” —Joseph Martin Kraus. Thank you my friend! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Verdi’s work is quintessential when speaking about requiems (even for just the Dies Irae) and I’ll never for the life of me understand how it can be omitted from a top ten list. The Lacrimosa is very nice, almost danceable. He was called into the service of Emperor Joseph II in 1763. It makes not Germany but France seem-in choral music as in Gluckian drama-the nursemaid of Classicism” and “Berlioz and Gounod garnered not a few of their best ideas from composers of the Gossek era; but few delivered this kind of unyielding consistency, melodic-harmonic vividness and untrammelled dramatic power.” PS. Informationen zur gesenkten USt. Thanks for your comment. Shaw Parker Carols: Verdi - Requiem . Cavalli´s Missa pro Defunctis (1675) is surely” One Of The Best”. It’s going to take time to assess the recommendations–hours of good listening beckon. It has been brightened for clarity. Camille Saint-Saëns: Requiem, Op. Today’s talents will be tomorrow’s legends. Weitere Informationen. Sadly, the Requiem of Brahms will not make it to my list. The Duruflé Album. 48 Complete (Best Recording)" Stiahnite si video "Gabriel Faure's Requiem Op. I am happy to agree with no. Ihr Warenkorb enthält nun 1 Artikel im Wert von EUR 18,99. Yet the sparser arrangement diminishes none of the piece’s beauty, and allows the organ to take the spotlight. It's the one I recommend because of the forces/sonics and the impact on the soul in the delivery of the performance. Much is made of how quickly or slowly certain conductors take the Requiem, but Böhm's is perhaps one of the most even-handed. Teacher! temporär gesenkter USt. The one that inspires all the rest. Have you heard HIF Biber’s Requiem in F. It has long been one of my favorites, as is Heinrich Schutz’s Musikalische Exequien. Domine Jesu Christ... Maurice Durufle (1902-1986)Requiem, Op. Impossible Dear Stephen, thank for this article. Unlike some of the sprawling Requiems composed, Saint-Saëns’ clocks in at only thirty-five minutes, never outstaying its welcome. Joseph Martin Kraus: Requiem in D Minor (1775), Joseph Martin Kraus was sometimes called the “Swedish Mozart” because he too composed in the “Classical style” and because his life was nearly exactly contemporaneous with that of “the miracle that God allowed to be born in Salzburg.” His Requiem, written when he was nineteen years old, was one of his earliest compositions and shows the effect of the Sturm und Drang (“storm and stress”) movement on the young composer in its many dramatic moments; the memorable Dies Irae stands out in this regard. I should remind readers that, as with all my “top ten” classical lists, the following does not constitute a democratic assessment of the consensus greatest works of all time, but represents rather my informed opinion on the matter, which I hope is more interesting. Duruflé Requiem. By Gabriel Fauré Atlanta Symphony Chorus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, James … Ann Murray (mezzo soprano), Thomas Allen (baritone), Thomas Trotter (organ) Corydon Singers, English Chamber Orchestra, Matthew Best I prefer the relative simplicity of polyphony to the majesty and grandeur of orchestral pieces, without despising the latter. 48) Durufle: Requiem, Op 9 - YouTube Maurice Durufle (1902-1986) Requiem, Op 9 Choir of King's College, Cambridge John Butt, Organ Philip Ledger 1 Introit (0:00) 2 Kyrie (3:24) 3 Domine Maurice Duruflé: Requiem, Op 9 (I Introit - II Kyrie Performed by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Robert Shaw In the end, I listened to over a dozen Duruflé Requiems. Bought this recording to study for a choral performance. Since listening to Rigoletto I’ve really come to love most types of vocal classical music, and a lot of Verdi’s work in particular. In recordings, the motets are often combined with Duruflé's Requiem, sharing the same approach of polyphonic music based on Gregorian chant. Copyright © 2021 The Absolute Sound. Duruflé Requiem. Indeed, the sound is quite commendable—in soft passages. It's one of my favourite liturgical pieces. Offertory. Thank you for a thoughtfully unorthodox list. Thank you for your recommendations; I have listened to so much that I was looking for something new. It seems these two requiems were meant to be together. USt. All rights reserved. 1. The Swedish Radio Choir is fully up to the task, singing with serenity and verve. A candidate perhaps for most unlikely to write a Requiem, the Austrian composer Franz von Suppé wrote some fifty operettas and stage works, but it is generally only the overtures to some of these that are played in the concert hall today. The plainchant Gregorian requiem mass. An artist who is not could not produce anything like this.” And yet, not only Protestant composers but also those whose Christian faith was weak or non-existent wrote Masses for the Dead. (Gifts may be made online or by check mailed to the Institute at 9600 Long Point Rd., Suite 300, Houston, TX, 77055. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Even more, I wanted to find a worthy example of each of the three versions Duruflé wrote: chorus and organ alone; chorus, organ, and chamber orchestra; and chorus, organ, and full orchestra. The urgent strings that open this Mass immediately grip the listener, and the trombone calls and organ notes of the Tuba Mirum sound bring to mind the famous opening of Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, composed eighteen years later. The Tract, Absolve is bar none the best. It is a work of genius, and this genius shines through in many instances, such as the Rex tremendae and the Kyrie. Keep in mind that essays represent the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Imaginative Conservative or its editor or publisher. The estimable John Eargle recorded Keene’s performance back in 1995. The Gossek standouts for me are the Te decet hymnus, tuba mirum and mors stupebit. What would your top 10 be? Thank you Nick. Inspired organ-playing makes this a superior recording of Duruflé's Requiem. Telarc 80135 (CD). 9 (1947) [40:40] Quatre Motets sur des thèmes grégoriens, Op. While on his tour of Paris in 1778, Mozart met Gossec, liked him, and—as in the case of Michael Haydn’s Requiem, though to a lesser degree—was probably influenced by Gossec’s setting when he wrote his own Mass for the Dead thirteen years later. It'll supply a much satiety understanding to your account of the pluses and minuses of it. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. If you could build a Mass conformed from your favorite parts of different requiems, to have the most penetrating effect on the people in the congregation and help them in expressing and processing their pain, who would you choose for each part? After all, human life itself is the supreme drama, and what imagined scene could be more powerful than that of the individual soul pleading the case for salvation before the Almighty? Most of the Requiems of the great composers are too dramatic and focus on those fearful elements. To me it’s one of the best, although I haven’t listened to some that are mentioned in other comments. by Maurice Durufle | Jan 1, 1950. 3,5 von 5 Sternen 2 Sternebewertungen. 1. The best-sounding recording in this category—indeed, in the entire survey—is Harmonia Mundi’s CD/SACD/download featuring Bill Ives and the Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford. Preis: 17,19 € Preise inkl. With their respective Requiems, Gabriel Fauré and Maurice Duruflé wanted to express something different, something which Fauré himself described as a ‘trust in eternal rest’. Voices of Ascension Chorus and Orchestra, Keene. Gossec’s Requiem, composed in 1760, is a monumental work, running about an hour-and-a-half and full of power and beauty. Though he may not have bought into the theology represented by the Catholic Requiem Mass, he considered his composition a serious work. What the Czech composer Antonin Dvořák, a devout Roman Catholic, said in regard to his Mass in D could just as easily be applied to his famous Requiem: “Do not wonder that I am so religious. Introit (0:00)2. Bewertung, Requiem by M. Durufle. Paul Hindemith’s When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d: A Requiem for Those We Love uses as its texts the poem of the same name by Walt Whitman, commemorating the death of Abraham Lincoln. And though one will think of that greater Requiem when listening to this one, this Mass for the Dead, which takes about thirty-five minutes to perform, stands on its own as a work of genius, one imbued with an unrelieved sense of drama and urgency. King’s College Choir, Cambridge, Cleobury. 48 Complete (Best Recording) - YouTube Kraus once asked: “Should not church music be mostly for the heart?”, Florian Leopold Gassmann: Requiem in C Minor (1774). They’re complimented by Mattias Wager, who does a stellar job choosing organ voices. On an emotional level they capture the drama of human life and death so beautifully. Recently I’ve largely reverted to the 16th and 17th century with various bits of the sacred Choral repertoire from Purcell, Byrd &Victoria (especially his Requiem that I was lucky enough to sing with David Skinner in Avila a couple of years ago. They have been recorded for example by King's College Choir, conducted by Stephen Cleobury and the Corydon Singers conducted by Matthew Best. Dies Irae is certainly not the only interesting part. There is of course the famous Victoria 6part require, but also Morales’ 5 part requiem and the pro defunctis by Guerrero are beautiful and moving! have listened to over 20 since then time and again. And whenever anybody mentions the Op. You wrote: “Brahms, Fauré and Duruflé seem to have thought that death and judgment are all about quiet resignation and consolation, without any place for desperate pleading and the terror of possible, eternal damnation.”. Duruflé, who studied with Louis Vierne and Paul Dukas, was inspired in his requiem by the Gregorian melodies of the Catholic liturgy, which he in some cases quotes in the original and drapes in very subtle sounds. The singers here are in perfect balance, and the orchestra is just big enough to support them without overpowering the organ. 9, is a setting of the Latin Requiem by Maurice Duruflé for a solo voice, mixed choir, and organ, or orchestra with organ. It is a beautiful work, and little listened to. And then yes the supremely memorable moment is the Dies Irae where the drama and imaginative composition is simply overwhelming, so much it outshines about everything else. I will always live the richness of the Verdi Requiem. In all of sacred music, there are few works that rival the writing of Mozart’s immortal, incomplete Requiem: the mystery of the Introit, the fire of the Dies Irae, the brilliance of the Confutatis, and the majesty of the Rex Tremendae. Worth a quick listen to if you are unfamiliar with it. The Requiem, Op. I love how Goodall incorporates English on top of the Latin in certain movements. I am hopeful that 2021 will be full of beautiful music in our homes, lives, and hopefully in our local concert halls when it is safe to do so. I am requiemdiscophile in Finland,my collection consists of about 430 requiems,LP and CD. I have noted elsewhere how Mozart was surely influenced by the Requiem of Michael Haydn, the younger brother of the more famous Franz Josef Haydn. The one movement first completed in 2002, “Agnus Dei,” was performed as a stand-alone in Bremerton, Washington, that summer, and is housed in the New York City Hall Archive. Unfortunately, that disc suffers from the nascent state of mid-80s digital technology. The one misstep is the “Pie Jesu,” which runs into pitch problems early on and never recovers. in Deutschland. I meet so few people who have heard a single thing by him, including friends who have listened to a far broader range of classical music than me. However i’m guessing (and I’m very possibly wrong) that this list comes more from a musicological side, and less from a performing music side. Seite drucken +Faure: Requiem op. My interest go mostly to the historical and technical aspect of the masterpieces. 30 Christmas Carols. Yet the relatively-brief piece (some twenty-six minutes long) also possesses “snatches of Mozartian grace” and moments of ethereal beauty; sample the haunting Lacrymosa, for instance. Preis Neu ab Gebraucht ab Audio-CD, Doppel-CD, 1. He wrote much worthy, and sometimes brilliant, orchestral and chamber music, as well as many choral works and operas. DDD. There is enough doom-laden material in the prayers and texts of the service itself; by way of contrast, the music should offer consolation and contemplation. 9, is a setting of the Latin Requiem by Maurice Duruflé for a solo voice, mixed choir, and organ, or orchestra with organ. “I know how to respect what is respectable,” the composer once said of religious belief. 8. I'll start with Durufle's own recording. Kyrie (3:24)3. I cannot agree with your list, but would not ever want to engage in any disagreement. His version of Pie Jesu combined with Agnus Dei is beautiful when sung by the right singer. Michael Haydn: Requiem in C minor, MH 155—Missa pro defuncto Archiepiscopo Sigismundo (1771). Duruflé’s intended flow will elude all but the most skilled singers, players, and conductors. Thank you for a very interesting list. Requiem - Durufle: Amazon.de: Musik. Wait a minute, you left out Verdi’s Requiem. Florian Leopold Gassmann (1729-1774) was born in Bohemia and moved in 1757 to Venice, where he wrote operas and served as choirmaster in a girls’ conservatory. Though only available in 44.1 (even the downloads), the sound is largely free of digital artifacts. The performance below is among the best of the fifty or so recordings I have listened to over thirty years. Mozart was definitely inspired by Haydn’s version of the requiem. Just listened to Kozlovsky’s Requiem for the first time. REFERENCE RECORDINGS records and manufactures award winning, ultimate quality CDs, Hybrid SACDs, LPs, and HRx discs and downloads of 176.4 kHz/24 bit music. However, the work’s emotional weight falls to the chorus. In the twentieth century there appeared the “secular” Requiem, a work that was meant to commemorate the dead but which dispensed with traditional religious belief, retaining only a vague spirituality. Worth noting that this has orchestral accompaniment, not the organ accompaniment which also was composed by Durufle. I want to observe, though, that this list appears to be written from the perspective of a listener, rather than a performer. Indeed, the great opera composers Giocomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, and Gaetano Donizetti all wrote pieces in this genre. 6. Time signatures, for instance, shift on a measure-by-measure basis. 6:21. Famously left incomplete by the dying composer, its supreme status is enhanced by the mysterious circumstances of the composer’s death, and by the puzzle of who exactly finished the piece as we know it today. What appears below is a “Vocaloid/MIDI Simulation” by one musicologist, which gives us a tantalizing taste of this work’s greatness. the most dramatic and startling dies irae has to be by karl jenkins who previously played in a rock band. Powerful and classic. It is the present writer’s opinion that these six Requiems are vastly overrated: whereas Dvořák’s rambles over the course of its … Brahms - Requiem: Durufle - Requiem . Not only is it contemplative in spirit; it is also precise and to the point–not belabouring the text, as other composers do. Faure, Duruflé. I enjoyed it very much….I will listen to those works I never heard of before…By the way, I like Stravinsky’s Requiem Canticles, which is a serial work, and his last major composition lasting just 15 min… it was played at his own funeral… As it is a partial setting of a Requiem, it does not qualify as a candidate for the list…but I think it is worth listening….
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