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Juice Quest: Requirements: Base Level: None Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Meat: Rewards: Quest Reward(s): Ability to make fruit juice 1. Banana Juice : 1 Banana, 1 Milk See: Juice Quest for how to begin. Novice Potion : 2 Red Herb,1 Apple To make a single bottle of fruit juice, he requires one piece of fruit, one Empty Potion Bottle, and 3 zeny. Talk to the boy. It will then appear on the Inactive tab instead of Active. [Don't give Meat] Waah...! iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database. Sorry for late reply, didn't see your edit, Yes, those manuals are only for trying out the skills, to see which class suit your preference, but they give a neat bonus of 200 SP as well. Ragnarok Online | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Gameplay | Jobs | Items | Maps | Quests Bawalah 1 potong Meat di inventory, pergi menuju lantai kedua pada Penginapan Timur di Kota Prontera (prontera 204, 188) kemudian berbicaralah dengan Morrison. See: Juice Quest for how to begin. The Quest Window was redesigned after Renewal. Four-Leaf-Clover : 200 Clovers, 200 Sticky Mucus Talk to the Therapist, choose "Red Herb Quest" he will task you to get him a Red Herb. Lol thanks, and I'm sure that's how most of us feel when we first entered the new Izlude too. - Ragnarok Online - iRO RE:START - YouTube To make a single bottle of fruit juice, he requires one piece of fruit, one Empty Bottle, and 3 zeny. Cart Revolution does only 150% damage without cart content, but it could reach up to 250% when it’s full. To do the juice quest, you first need a piece of meat. It weighs only 0.5 instead of 4, which makes it an amazing Usable Item for SP/Mana regeneration for PVM / PVP / WOE. Bottled banana juice that's easy to digest. Grape Juice : 1 Grape, 1 Apple Juice Edited by Pahya, 07 February 2014 - 02:09 PM. Go upstairs in the PVP room in Prontera (204,188). anyways, can we get lhz style using the coupon? Drops finds it to be very tasty. See you in the next video!! Go to the fruit juice workshop in Payon, at (payon 155, 327), and talk with Marx Hansen, who offers to make fruit juice for you. He can make juice from Apples, Bananas, Carrots, and Grapes. Talk to Tadde, he will prompt you with 3 choice, the first 2 choice will teach you about Weapon Level and Safety Refining, the last choice is to continue the quest, choose it, report back to Hans. And thanks, I'll edit the guide with the manuals, aren't bad to have a bonus 200 SP plus something to fill in those 2 accessories slots. Grape Juice, however, is disabled in Vanilla maps - which include Vanilla War of Emperium and Vanilla pvp. Can this quest be done by non-novice? Novice Magnifier : 3 Fine Wooden Block ( I assume it's the Fine-grained trunk), 1 Jellopy Can someone explain them? uhm, if you would like to add, the (job) manuals(accessory equip) and the thief quest at the 2nd floor. 3:41. Go left until you find two NPCs. iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database Patch (2012 Aug. 08) The efficiency of juice items increases. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … Extra Screenshots: 001: Ingredient(s) Product(s) Meat: Not Applicable : Talk to Morrison with the Meat in your inventory, when he ask you for meat, DO NOT give him meat, choose to ignore him. Hans will ask you for your opinions about the lesson from Tadde, then tell you to talk to Locas. Well we can only hope that they will come to the forums if they need help, and nope, only the old styles. Weight: 5 Source: Special Pharmacy: Cost to buy-- Cost to sell: 50 … Apple Juice, Banana Juice, Carrot Juice Red Herb Quest : Grape Juice. Does this also let you choose from the eight new hairstyles? Gamepedia. Page 1 of 4 - July 12th Ragnarok RE:START Maintenance - posted in News & Events: IRO RESTART Maintenance July 12th 11:00am - 2:00pm Fixes: Fishing Festival quest descriptions have been added.
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