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My current position is Manufacturing Manager/Special Projects Manager for a company called NAPESCO ( National Arabian Petroleum Services Company ) based in Saudi Arabia. pumps, engines, turbines, which are used for processing and producing oil and gas at either onshore or offshore production installations. 1 0 obj Process Commissioning Specialist, Piping, Mechanical, Turnover, Firefighting Supervisor and Engineers Jobs VACANCIES IN BUREAU VERITAS MALAYSIA Bureau Veritas Malaysia is looking for local Malaysian candidates to fill up the positions based in Tanjung Bin, Johor. Rs Singh has been a trusted name in Mechanical solutions by consistently providing quality products, service, and support to the Machinery industry. Higher oil prices drive the need for more engineers, to accommodate additional drilling. kallai, calicut district-673003, kerala state, india. Responsibilities. RESUME RAGHAVENDRAN V PIPING SUPERVISOR India No : +91-9788954582 Passport No : N 3757549 E-mail : SKYPE ID : raghavendra.velayutharaja OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging career in the field of Construction Industries in professionally managed company with learning and growth of opportunities having adequate authorities and responsibilities … Supervises fabrication yard installation operations (piping installation, E.I.T.). Black gold is often found deep within the earth, and is difficult to extract. Ov��f)�wH�&uk�ލڏ���� Longevity in the field is synonymous with increased wages and better work conditions. – Must have Construction experience in an Oil and Gas / Petrochemical Industry – Duration of the project is 9-12 months. The Production Supervisor is responsible for managing the overall production operations associated with an oil and gas installation, which could be an offshore platform or … The high level of expertise expected for this position usually necessitates graduate study. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the mechanical supervisor job. Intensive laboratory time will help you simulate drilling, measure gas reservoirs, measure temperature and pressure, and use specialized computer software. �Wo�ھ5K�_r �\������Ue���_$+��|K eiѴk�]�ŕǧ׵}��]��H_�MJ�n���Btw��(��x�6����uG�/�8��'�u�rp�@���Y:#"�[rưa���� J���2����0��׃�3X�l�N�i�}��I��"�/��x�A���`Ai։�}���Ep+��o1Ă9x>|���q��K����@�}��ax0�d+�^ ��w��&�v�;w�RM�ב�! Veteran engineers advise organizational leaders and supervise newer staff. #JOB #HIRING #POSITION: Mechanical Supervisor. Y�F��D16����f��p�H��9�[��ڮ=�R�ȝ)�`�D����c5�c^Y5�H�H���7owGk���g��y�L��7��R���tm��,�� ��ʿ���-��h��+��?�ɻ���S,[W���D��"ҭq�r �W��W%�4*�[͔*cɼ*�./��C��6��T�f�-�VL�ˆ�n��������tU#tU��z���$Z�*F���2l6������i��e���n%�G�$� %f�6�j��f2 �⬚���܆�R�- HX�@M�+�p��\z�ޓ"�����,�r&�X%S Bureau of Labor Statistics: Petroleum Engineers, Colorado School of Mines: Petroleum Engineering. Long ago, it was common to see oil spurting up from the ground. Job Title: Mechanical Supervisor Department: Operations Department Responsible To: Facilities Manager Services Aim of Position Responsible for the mechanical and electrical maintenance, operation and repair of services to the MCCC Completion of planned preventative and reactive maintenance activities for all plant and equipment *@V�b����Pc" A high-level of education is required to become a mechanical engineer in oil and gas. In this program, you will learn about fluid and rock behavior, production operations, well completions and stimulation, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering and economic evaluation of petroleum projects. Often, companies will hire graduates to work as an assistant and will allow two years to obtain their licensure. She is the author and co-author of 12 books focusing on customer service, diversity and team building. Oversee Mechanics Schedules and Job Orders One of the main responsibilities of a Mechanical Supervisor is to assign jobs to mechanics and create schedules to ensure that coverage for possible machine breakdowns is maintained at all times. Once oil drilling is finished, a mechanical engineer supervises the deconstruction of the equipment and makes sure that the site is free of residual waste. Mechanical Engineers are typically involved in the design, development, installation and maintenance of mechanical and rotating plant, equipment and machinery e.g. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.2 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> B. E. in Mechanical Engineering; A minimum of 15 years of experience in operating and Commissioning of Oil & Gas Processing facilities & Field developments; At least 5 years’ experience in a similar position on pre-commissioning and commissioning projects. Mechanical Supervisor - 6 Month ... - Any other tasks and responsibilities assigned from time to time by ... 4 years of experiences in Marine or Oil & Gas Industry. Your academic journey begins with an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering. 27years gulf experience cvin oil&gas (1989 t0 2016) name and address saleem puthiya ponnambath for communication saaf, 20/198a, m.s.baburaj road, p.o. Mechanical engineers in oil and gas garner the highest wages, among all engineers. Mechanical engineers in oil and gas that have worked for six to 12 years, transition to higher level work, mostly centered in an office setting. I have almost 20 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry as Supervisor, Inspector & QC Supervisor for Static & Rotating Equipment Installation & Inspection. What Are the Requirements to Be a Petroleum Engineer? <>>> Now, scientific knowledge and a little luck are helping mechanical engineers locate oil sources. Often referred to as speculative oil drilling, choosing a site can be challenging. SPIE Oil & Gas Services is recruiting candidates for a Mechanical Supervisor (M / F). Newer mechanical engineers spend most of their time in the field handling the grunt work for their seasoned counterparts. Recruiter. <> ^>ċ�5RI��m�ݐy1��j�;��K7�Mn%��;�r'�D�w>DD�K�䶼��V&�D�ƨKm���_�9��aj��en���}pq�L�;������tk��4g�p`�j����yJ?�d� Mechanical Supervisor - FPSO Offshore (M / F) Job at SPIE Oil & Gas SPIE Oil & Gas Services (part of the SPIE Group) provides a complete range of services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies through its network of offices in 25 countries across Africa, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. supervisor cv for onshore and offshore mechanical, mantenance, construction in engineering jobs 1. �O5R�*S�W�8�g�87���I���͔y��ʼ ��;E-��PG��i?1������֑r��abd���c� i���Z�'�ШQ��l���flMI3�y�Lgr3칡�]�n�s�?�J�9>E��o�P+�׶K��5��T���?���Q�xi�?qOU��_�W�y�y��^���W�E� ��A+H$�a��>&�/W�5Op���jn��I{ę��.�d�%�^����e�~+ŴI�l�V��y��3ަ�AKW>h�2�S�ZZ �pu1K��gJU�Lu�%�ռ3Jް�{D�! Home Search for Similar Openings Mechanical Supervisor - 6 Month Contract. Mechanical Supervisor / Inspector – Static & Rotating Equipment. Hands-on experience with static and/or rotating equipment, and attended major overhauls for gas processing facilities including pumps, gas … Some programs offer a five-year combined baccalaureate and master’s degree option. In 2017, the median annual pay is $132,280 or, $63.60 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. G�e˦v��q*Y���m��ؼ-��F�T�Q�*˺Y�Sn��l�dq����:�}���g;��'�͍�4F��E���Ϛ��|�rl��Z|�(F��([&;$|YC޺� �R�] We currently have an opportunity within SPIE Oil & Gas Services NIGERIA for: Mechanical Supervisor Project : FPSO Offshore locations Job Purpose: This is an opportunity for you to be a Mechanical Supervisor and be responsible for maintenance operations within you field of competence Responsibilities : QHSE %PDF-1.5 Dr. Meier has written business articles and books for Talico, Inc, Dynateam Consulting, Inc. and Kinect Education Group. Co-ordinates and interfaces between fabrication/installation and pre-fabrication activities. Mechanical Supervisor (LPG/Gas Plant Experience) Job in Iraq: The Company: Our client is an well known Oil & Gas company operating across the Middle East. x���nG�]��aޖ���5�� �q�`�d��C�%�MҢ(C�}VU�Lό��`e���u=,^�^�z����/o�r�.^��*^__^�|��Y������(���B2���F�����EY|�~���kQ,�[\�zy�YoqઊiNW���Oﮊ��B� !�`�PEմ����U���,�A�R�7�ŝ���r���>-�^��¼��]�b�5+��(łPܥ�R�mh޺U�*�t��r�O��^|�/�����_��InC�+�Lئde�¾[��S�x�q�\U��!��l�Gr�P�u��"9�����p��?�p�R����*��z$�Kw��G���=��pg*+ Working as a mechanical engineer in oil and gas is not for someone who's afraid of taking risks. %���� Kindly submit your CV with subject heading ‘FPSO – Master (or) Marine Supervisor (or) Mechanical Supervisor (or) Maintenance Supervisor’ to Load 20 More Jobs. Mechanical engineers use high-level skills to find the best locations for drilling, and they oversee the drilling process. Our recruiters will be in touch with you for further information. We’re looking for Mechanical experts in the Oil & Gas Industry. I have been working in the Oil and Gas Industry for more than 14 years in African countries ( 7yrs in Angola & 5 1/2 yrs in Nigeria ) and 2 years in Middle East ( Erbil, Iraq and Saudi Arabia). Job Opportunities at SPIE Oil & Gas Services for HVAC Mechanical Supervisor - Package (M/F), HVAC Mechanical Supervisor - Split Unit (M/F) in Rivers, Rivers, Nigeria for job … Recruitment Advertising Sourcing Technologies Recruitment Software. endobj Mechanical Supervisor (M / F) Job at SPIE Oil & Gas SPIE Oil & Gas Services (part of the SPIE Group) provides a complete range of services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies through its network of offices in 25 countries across Africa, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. / HND / OND or similar related degree; 10 years’ experience as Mechanical Supervisor – Piping mostly from EPC and Oil & Gas companies. Additional responsibilities included project engineering, purchasing of parts and new equipment, training personnel. Dr. Kelly Meier earned her doctorate from Minnesota State Mankato in Educational Leadership. Mechanical Supervisor jobs - 1-4 of 4 oil and gas jobs - from the category oil and gas jobs on Oil and Gas Job Search Rate on application. Life beside work, sport person who enjoy team games as basketball, soccer and rugby. Mechanical Supervisor Construction jobs - 1-20 of 356 Receive Mechanical Supervisor Construction jobs by email from Oil and Gas Job Search endobj How to ApplyInterested 253 Mechanical Supervisor jobs Explore Mechanical Supervisor Jobs using Simple / Advanced search options Choose from Job types & Categories Get the best job → Apply now! 2 0 obj Job opportunities for mechanical engineers working in oil and gas are expected to increase by 15 percent between now and 2026. An important job duty is to advise corporate leaders about the best location for an oil well. We looked at several job listings and other resources and found the following to be core Mechanical Supervisor duties and responsibilities. Highly motivated Mechanical Engineer graduated with honors, worked for Schlumberger for the past 7 years with some experience in Oil and Gas pipeline transportation systems. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. 4 0 obj It’s actually very simple. ... Oil and Gas Jobs Popular Countries Popular Cities Popular Companies. 1166 Supervisor jobs Explore Supervisor Jobs using Simple / Advanced search options Choose from Job types & Categories Get the best job → Apply now! ���f��}��4,�;�.$�%��8V�USM���@�_�ۓg�Q�C�G���n�mƍ��5FU+��ϳF�x�G�;#��@O��K�#Dv:��0{��-�����5R��kc\���TR4V�?�}j������������. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. The top 10 percent of all earners in this job position made $208,000. Field Engineer Located in Malaysia: Resume of an excellent Mechanical Engineer, Engineering - Drilling CV information posted at Gulf Oil & Gas career center What Is the Difference Between a Reservoir Engineer and a Drilling Engineer. <> Fifteen (15) years of experience in the oil and gas industry is required. handling commissioning of major projects of value not less than $500 million. Bachelor's degree in the field of mechanical engineering. Marine Supervisor; Mechanical Supervisor; Maintenance Supervisor. The content of this website is free. All Oil and Gas Mechanical Supervisor jobs in United Arab Emirates on, the search engine for jobs in the UAE Supervises fabrication yard erection activities (fit up, welding and lifting). Since oil sources can be as deep as 20,000 feet, mechanical engineers test rocks and collect data to determine the best possible location. Due to newly won projects, they are currently seeking to recruit a - Fircroft Recruitment Morson Hampshire/England Contractor. Reputable Oil and Gas Company is recruiting candidates for a Mechanical Supervisor – Piping. JOB DETAIL: We currently have an opportunity within SPIE Oil & Gas Services NIGERIA for: Mechanical Supervisor Oil field corrosion technicians coordinate the maintenance of large pipeline networks, monitoring the coatings of existing equipment, structures, and facilities to identify problems. Mechanical Supervisor 3. PIPING SUPERVISOR RESUME 1. JOB TITLE: Mechanical Supervisor (M / F) JOB LOCATION: Rivers. Once a site has been selected, a mechanical engineer oversees the assembly of the oil drill, ensures the operation runs smoothly and makes recommendations about the amount of oil that can be extracted. ... Oil and Gas Jobs Popular Countries Popular Cities Popular Companies. Job Objective: Direct, lead, supervise and co-ordinate the team of Mechanical staff to ensure all Production Operations and Maintenance functions are carried out safely and efficiently in line with the overall Production functional objectives and asset plans. Once oil drilling is finished, a mechanical engineer supervises the deconstruction of the equipment and makes sure that the site is free of residual waste. Mechanical Supervisor Responsible for day-to-day and preventive maintenance of plant machinery for manufacturing of 12 oz aluminum soda cans and building facilities. To monitor, review and, where required, approve the mechanical construction activities of the EPC Contractors to ensure that all mechanical construction activities are carried out safely and fully in accordance with Company's HSE and technical requirements. stream !��[rT��o��e��\���0�� �ɭh�)=��,�f�l��� �X���$J�����4z��fJ�u���P%�5�#h���跈eSTr�:p��ܰ3� T\�"�� B+m�c=�EX�0~q;V|H[�7 o��U=�])��s����*���2� �a�j� ���A��r�>+����`3�I�@j��a�G�u��0Mb�G�l��"vK���N�O,H��/� ��W r�+H3[A�`��I]�w?ds]��N8�u��r�ƺf�Na7DA"�u�m���/2�H(��y Q��M�����=���,�0L�)��i*��O�Ρf� ��1H�w��wI nA�[t۴��; �0I���ֆ��k.� �z�\B$�u�d�,m��:��N$Ov�+`.Ͱc\m��OAk�` #. Role and Responsibilities:. Long hours, mostly in the field, are common for a mechanical engineer in oil and gas. Mechanical Supervisor. endobj Instrumentation Supervisor – You must have at least 5-7 years work experience. If oil production decreases or new synthetics are created, the job market could decline. A state licensing exam is required to work in oil and gas as a mechanical engineer. 3 0 obj She serves as a consultant for business, industry and educational organizations. JOB TITLE: Mechanical Supervisor – Piping JOB LOCATION: Port Harcourt, Rivers JOB DETAILS: B.Sc. {��''��s��q����i�j��:�����3��Ӽ1���+C��Fk��%#����r�3)K&��%�vRT�j����CbgAߌA��*������ ��$@����"&�Ow �6K��i�'5 k���{�{K���Z�@A�y�
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