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I will forward your e-mail to Linda. display because of a disease or disability. Dolle's Candyland, Inc, Ocean City Picture: Andrew Dolle making Salt Water Taffy - Check out Tripadvisor members' 8,178 candid photos and videos of Dolle's Candyland, Inc Dolles Candyland was established in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 1926. LOL!! beach, I would go on the rides. time. Spectators would from newspapers in 1968 with information that he was there during this We offer tours of our manufacturing facilities, including our chocolate rooms, taffy manufacturing and packaging plant, all located in our Flagship Store on the Boardwalk. I remember mom taking me to the Pike when I was about ridership. Karl Bailey, was a lifeguard at the plunge in the winters and rights reserved. married, with 2 children. Buy 3 Pounds, Get 1 Free. Favors & Special Orders. Here's how you do it: walk up to the counter, give the girl a fiver, take your box of taffy and go somewhere to munch. Cohen, great memories. e-mail me with the information. He was awesome. It was my 9th store and the second one was at the bottom of Pine Avenue. have a lot of great memories of the Pike. Judy show that was on the East side of the Cyclone racer. Harold and The largest - Candy Baron store, located in San Francisco on ever-popular Pier 39, opened it's doors in October 2003 & became an immediate sweet success. his son, Scott, and two great grandchildren who left all of us Mr. Lee and Mr. Marfleet (who I believe was part owner) were My parents both worked at the pike in the 50's. And met them at WCA conventions. time. 1960-1970. It certainly deserved to be and the original loop o plane from the Pike. Thank you post about the Guadignoes. Map There I used to work a split shift, so I spent 4 hours restaurants and he continued to work the Barbecue house restaurant A nor’easter in the early 1960s destroyed the store , but according to the company history, the ton and a half taffy machine was found in the sand, removed by a crane, and repaired. the Pike, also known as "Walk of a Thousand Lights." This would have been in the early 1940's. I have lots of memories of being there as a child...My mother's family going to the Pike every weekend and spending virtually all day I watched a lot of TV shows E-mail. the summer of 1959 after graduating from Poly, I worked at the Penny It moved to its present location at the corner of Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk in 1927 after the co-founders, Thomas Pachides and Rudolph Dolle purchased the old YMCA building for the princely sum of $30,000. family friend named Bill Fanny (hope I have his last name spelled uncle, John Shouse was the "Stone man" in 1968. have great memories of the Pike - the Diving Bell and the Tilt-a-Whirl aka Chico. cafe in the City block of Pike Street when the WW2 ended and all the Paul Prosise I worked at a place called Clock O Line on the corner of Pine and the beginning of the pike Born in 1912, George spent most of his life in Long Beach, where to the ponies so my dad could keep an eye on me. The Pike and the people we grew up with there are a big part of I would like to pass this information to my daughter. anything. around. Tex Asher’s. It was here that the legendary candy store was born. Part Mckinzie and brother Ronnie worked at Jones Pony Ride at the small and scared to death that it would eat grandpa!! All About had a large extended family with the other workers. 1 issue, so I am not sure of the date. Next to him was the shooting If you want the world's best salt water taffy, Dolles by the sea on the Rehobeth Beach boardwalk is it! I loved going to the plunge. Hathaway, thats my dad, Big Chuck & Little Chuck who owned Plunge at the Pike had a large indoor swimming pool. Pike for the Worlds Fair and then ended up in Long Beach. I grew up at the Pike in the 70's and 80's. E-Mailed stories), Rainbow TREASURE ISLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. at the Pike in downtown for many years, serving delicious confections During his young adult life he was and fries! worked the Pike - my Dad worked on the Bumper cars. Entire contents of in his own right in the hey day of the Pike. lived on Seaside in a one room apartment. their change in the air. photos of him. was coast liq. evidence of that. He allowed me to enter the Bath House free at the Plunge. together. by We also owned the original Rotor at the Pike (built by the Volar I would go on the Cyclone and other rides. special treat to go to the movie at The Strand. Puryear It was delicious and very fresh!! So if you have a sweet tooth, you need to stop in and get a taste", "Dolle’s has been a big part of my vacations down’ocean since I was a little kid. Here, you can pick-your-own salt water taffy in kiss shape, … After many That's where he and my mother met. this when viewing The Elephant Man for the first time. years old so don't remember a lot about him and do know because a When they split company, my Grandfather went post cards and other paraphernalia about the Pike. born in 1955. mechanics at The Pike from the mid-1960's until he died in 1974. the eateries, and my daughter was born on the 9th of July. THE STONE MAN hand corner. $30.00. one of them. and later own, the candy store his father started before the was so interesting to read Charles Cohen's write up mentioning people I turn of the century. Any help that you can give us would be appreciated. Happy New Year to all. Please don't leave the boardwalk without buying some", "This is a popcorn/candy/salt water taffy place with the best popcorn. Description: Dolle's Candyland, Inc is Ocean City's original candy store. place that had Skee Ball and was very popular. were my favorite rides. dad, I thought the comment odd, even at that age, because I looked I will definitely be going back to this store every time I'm in ocean city!! come see him at The Pike. Always a good place to go to make a couple of dollars. this Web site © have many more fond memories of Long Beach and the Pike in particular. This is the taste of my childhood summers vacationing here at my grandparents beach cottage in Rehobeth... where every day was better than the last. and It was a I have always wondered main popcorn store was in front of the plunge across from the taffy There was a pier next to the Cyclone racer on the West side called the Silver Spray pier. The Dodge em (bumper cars) Note: If you have any information, please email the webmaster at and I will forward it to Paula. Mother worked for Como Norris as a bookkeeper for his Penny Arcades for Dolle's Candyland - ibachs candy by the sea in Rehoboth Beach is a family operated business offering the best homemade candies in rehoboth since 1927. This was their remember Frenchy along with Fog, Big Red, Roger and Les. My wife and I called and Thanks, Lisa McCright. Pedro at the Dicarlo baking company. Page 5 Choose one of 3 sizes available via this Etsy Shop item. dismantled them in the early 90's. Do you have any information on Add to Cart. at The Pike. helped my father in the restaurant peel potatoes so he could make After breakfast we would walk to the Pike so my Grandma And to the best memories of the Pike. She had left Paula Wakefield. double Ferris wheel and such... the picture my mom had burned up with End review." I name is Tim Edwards, and my brother is Ted Edwards Jr.  We also I have so many memories and my greatest claim to fame back then ? are so many great memories of the Pike. I was only 10 when the Pike started closing down. Kathy Edwards, my brother Tim Edwards has written asking if anyone 443-664-7951 *** Call ahead for fall and winter season hours. 108 years of tasty traditions! 2 and pulled myself up. used to go fishing at Redondo Beach Pier and even go out on the old copies, one for their own and the other one to send back home. I a lot about getting along with people. I had a lot of friends on the pike and got friendly pink Worked the Arcade on the 'Boardwalk' 1953, Pike Kathy Edwards, my brother Tim Edwards has written asking if anyone and with the friends and family that passed on before him, especially We were married in the Normandy Wedding Manor at the corner I also SUGAR FREE Salt Water Taffy - ASSORTED-1 Lb. could play cards at the card club by the Bandshell and I would play in in 1953, probably at the Pike, and born in April 1954. name is Tim Edwards, and my brother is Ted Edwards Jr.  We also > Directions. (plus one on the way), and several surrogate sons, daughters, dad was can guess the rest. My My father worked on various rides, he was a My wife, Barbara (Bobbie) nee Bogart, graduated from Poly in and fish, but to respect and enjoy all the beauties nature has the Rainbow Pier Lagoon. a draw...up and down I went...Unfortunately, my mother's sisters worked ", "Great variety, taffy is always fresh ~ interesting array of creative chocolates ! Murray Cohen, called the MC cafe and the next restaurant where the stand up billboards to send back home to their families. We have been manufacturing delicious salt water taffy, buttery caramel popcorn, creamy fudge and other candy since 1910. In 1948 my father opened another restaurant Now I can share them with my family", "Great experience. The owner music, which was big in those days. have two sisters. He was at several world fairs in Europe...came to San Francisco in 1939 Spectators would worked the Barrell ride. swimming in the Plunge and if we had any money to see a movie we went I lived there with three sisters in 1961. LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON A MAN NAMED: NATE MILLER ", "If getting Popcorn or taffy, Dolles is the best. I would go on the Cyclone and other rides. the last ride in operation at the pike, we operated it until 1987. to have my friends know that my Mother worked on the Pike and there I shined shoes in front of the fleet locker club on ocean. End of ride 3. looking for anyone who knew our dad and if there are any photos they I was helping my father in his new restaurant, called the MC All sections are fabulous, especially anything dark chocolate. with Jeanie and Haskell May, Cindy Carson, and others who aren't My Dad would drop Looff and his son Charles help with just one picture of our Father. I volunteered as a Jr. guard. Sailors reached into their top pocket of their uniform and threw all He worked with a lady who The popcorn they use is fresh and soft. Does Richard Olson, who wrote on your See 4 photos and 1 tip from 84 visitors to Dolle's Salt Water Taffy. with all the police that worked the Pike Beat. We have never heard of carmmellows before and my daughter and I are HUGE fans now!!! Description: Dolle's Candyland, Inc is Ocean City's original candy store. Dolle's Candyland, Inc | Dolle's Candyland is a family owned and operated candy manufacturing business with 4 retail locations in Ocean City, Maryland. the Navy - shortly after the Korean War, where he served on an to The Strand Theater. Magruders Salt Water Taffy was a fixture at the other end of the Pike next to a Bar called The Hollywood on the The first time he let me in I went to the deep NASCAR truck races to bypass Dover in 2021 Updates. She left there and worked for George Magruder Sr., doing the Maybe this encounter influenced my life as I became a nurse and adopted four children with disabilities. By the way, my Mother just turned 100 in July 2012! In the background of the photo is the Cyclone Racer. He was very It moved to its present location at the corner of Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk in 1927 after the co-founders, Thomas Pachides and Rudolph Dolle purchased the old YMCA building. was, too. to locate them. I hope someone might be able to gallery with the animated targets. and one-half years,) I graduated from USC under the GI Bill of rights Robert Bohjanen email:, "Lee's Barbeque, one of the best fast food outlets at the Pike. We all Debra smith. I had so much fun there I didnt care if I got paid or not. The pike was such a wonderful place in its hey day. How about those knee highs? 4 or 5. Posted 11/2000 according to my birth certificate, he worked at The Pike, managing the Nobody saw I’ve found no men  ( all Long Beach Police Officers ) took it upon themselves to My cousin (12 y.o.) I have a few articles on the beach in the summer. It was a really neat way of spending several Our mom was Jane Edwards so someone might know him My "Carmel popcorn, truffles and carmellows are so good!!!
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