Intelligence is one of the most highly valued and sought after qualities anyone can have. More difficult to make friends [via decreased ability to suffer fools, via not being a fool]. Rather, it’s more beneficial to throw yourself into the ocean, and surround yourself with the most intelligent people you can find, whom you have much to learn from. Intelligent people find it easy to learn, and by “learn” I mean Pavlov’s dog kind of conditioning. We all are like sponges and absorb qualities and habits from people we spend our time with, so it is imperative to ensure we spend our time with positive, upbeat and minded people.Kristina PetrickThe company we keep is indeed one of the biggest factors in personal growth. Being independent all your life and not having to ask others for help can be a rewarding experience but at the same time, taking orders from others can be a bit annoying. It is a way of earning for the commercial bank, which purchases the instrument yielding high return, can earn a good amount when the currency is appreciated. Michael P. Wilmot, Connie R. Wanberg, John D. Kammeyer-Mueller, Deniz S. Ones. Identify that pool of knowledge in people around you and try to stay in their company as much as you can to grow in both ways, personally and professionally. The amount of information available on the web, as well as the number of e-businesses and web shoppers, has been growing exponentially and the influx is difficult to process. With technology advancing like it is, more and more companies are finding the benefits and advantages of incorporating a business intelligence system in their program. • Stay PositiveUps and downs are a part of everyone’s life, some situations make us feel negative or vice versa. The Truth About Intimacy And HS, From Someone Who Has Had It For 23 Years, 36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single, The Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby At Age 17 [10 Years Later]. But as society is build by people with average smarts for people with average smarts, being very smart means n many circumstances you do not effortlessly fit in as your mind is just different. It all depends how we think and what we want at the end of the day.Experts Statements:There are some beautiful motivational statements written by experts that have the power to change your vision about life:Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still – Laura MoncurWe stand still in the path of growth when we share the company of like-minded or less knowledgeable people, thus, it is important to remain surrounded by minded people so that success can be gained by following their footsteps.All the so-called secrets of success will not work until you do — Unknown AuthorAn important secret of success includes the importance of sharing the company of minded or more knowledgeable people, but first we have to take some efforts by ourselves for having them around. Might get to have a cool job like doctor/astronaut/CIA agent. One thought on “ The Advantages of Intelligence ” Joe Levy says: December 8, 2011 at 3:40 am Excellent comments about the “evolution” of businesses. From having a clearer understanding of the world, to acing pub quizzes, there are so many advantages to being intelligent. Having them around awakens a desire to be like them. Just beat your fear, then you will realize that no one will be able to beat you.The Best Approach for Success:• Observe leader’s behaviorSuccess doesn’t come overnight. … So, don’t afraid of making mistakes and keep moving ahead unstoppably.What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do - Ralph Waldo EmersonWe sometimes fears from the company of intellectual people, we think we don’t fit in, but it is an important thing to remember that the thing we fear the most is usually what we need to do. Our emotions and decisions are largely shaped by those around us. Feel smug about Trebek’s mediocrity. Advantages of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is complex in nature. However, growth is a never-ending process, but through this journey I learned that how strongly the company of people around create an impact on our thinking and overall personality.Gayathri KualaseagaramIt is always great to be surrounded with people where our comfort zone is, but I would really prefer going the other direction. So, we can say gaming is one of the most common uses of the advantages of artificial intelligence. With all that effort, today I feel confident amongst them. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. 15 Benefits Of Being An Intelligent Misfit Published on November 15, 2014 November 15, 2014 • 28 Likes • 6 Comments. The machine plans its movement based on the user response. Think of creative things to be afraid of: hypochondria, Russians, vast government conspiracies. Report this post; Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D. ADVANTAGES OF BEING INTELLIGENT * you know many things * not having to study so hard * not having to worry about your grades as much as others * everything is just easier to under stand DISADVANTAGES of being intelligent * your considered a nerd * stress yourslef out sometimes * friends always want to copy your homework Smart really is the new sexy. Emotional intelligence can also be used to manipulate others for personal gain. Can write relateable poetry about the alienation experienced from having untouchable wit and genius. Reply. Here are 10 advantages of becoming more emotionally intelligent: 1. Company of intelligent people is like a vast ocean, there is so much to learn from them. Humans have a tendency to observe others, their actions, style, behavior everything – and this tendency applies to both the situations: When we are surrounded by intelligent people, and when we are surrounded by less intelligent people. By seeing the pace of growth of other people around, I work hard and try to increase my knowledge base daily as much as possible, so that I don’t left behind. By taking advantage of our emotional intelligence, we can demonstrate consistent behavior to this change of our emotions and.communicate positively to the people around us. It uses a very complicated mixture of computer science, mathematics and other complex sciences. This can be done through the creation of embarrassing situations or outright emotional lies, showing a person positive emotions while showing everyone else negative emotions. Casually use words like ‘histrionics,’ ‘viscosity,’ ‘hegemony,’ and ‘teleological.’. People like cooperating with smart ones. (or at least you like to blame this on your smarts). The more you learn, the more you grow. Advantages come in the form of ease in school and work, and in the ability to see immediately the best choice in a given situation, etc. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Such Intelligent Agents. They grow every day and their knowledge and desire to grow further helps me to rise. By 2020, 50 percent of search will be voice search. It can be used for personal gain. It requires less work. There are various stock markets out there that bring together sellers and buyers of company ownership claims. 5. Marcus Ford listed the following disadvantages of being highly intelligent: More likely to suffer from depression. It is a result of churning of years of hard work, knowledge, approach, efforts, and so much more. Intelligent people are more likely to get better grades and go farther in school. So where on one hand, company of more knowledgeable people provides an extension of our personalities, on the other hand company of less knowledgeable people limits our growth and places boundaries on our intellectual development.Impact of Surrounding Yourself with Less Intelligent PeopleSurrounding yourself with individuals who may not be as smart, or lack the motivation for personal growth offers little for you to learn from. Let’s see some of them. Artificial intelligence technologies will overcome many limitations. Increased desire to kill self after the dozenth guy you meet at a bar says he thinks Camus is ‘a really good band too.’. Computers, however, do not make these mistakes if they are programmed properly. I knew that was the only way to become successful and I also came to know about the areas in myself that needed improvement. About Sushil Kumar:He is a Search & Digital Marketing Evangelist at Aumcore. For this reason, as much as happy and positive emotions we also face problems like anger, lack of empathy, nervous crises. Disadvantages are many, though: Boredom in school, work, etc., and lots of people will hate you because your being intelligent makes them feel stupid. We need to understand that there is no age of learning, and we can learn from anyone, even from those who are younger than us. Intelligent people are also generally more successful and well-educated, as should be obvious. And that desire pushes us to learn new things, to improve or to be like them. Getty. And this mentality has served me will in growing and surrounding myself with those people whom I admire for a variety of qualities. Feel inferior to people who are still smarter. In their company, our pace of growth increases, and sometimes it helps in surpassing our limits as well. If you like your own company and aren't constantly in need of being around others, that's a sign of intelligence. In such situations, emotional intelligence is what comes to our rescue. Recent Comments. Gone are the days when acting dumb was cool. Aside from the obvious “having better chances at success in career or academics,” there are a lot of other advantages of being intelligent. They are more likely to be successful at work. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still, All the so-called secrets of success will not work until you do, Learning is like rowing upstream, if you stop, you go backward, A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new, What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do, How to select the right payroll company for…, How traveling changed me as a person and I…. Increased ability to manipulate drug dealers to sell you drugs for way less than they are worth by tricking them with simple math, the use of the metric system, and saying phrases such as ‘price per unit’, and/or bartering for them with stoner things like the DVD of Terminator 2 which you idly purchased from the bargain bin knowing how irresistible it would be to a high person looking for something to do at 2 a.m. Know answers on Jeopardy. So, if we remain surrounded by intelligent people there will be a greater possibility that it will have a positive impact on our behavior as well. Most individuals know that a stock market is a place to exchange stocks in a company. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. it is not always easy to follow minded people, but doing that introduces us from others’ strengths and our weaknesses, so that we can work on them. The advantages of being intelligent are undeniable. All these factors decide the foundation of our personality. Employing AI capabilities for dangerous tasks will reduce the risk to human well-being and safety. It’s here to help you. Increased ability to get high and fuck around through all of college vs. having to study to maintain average GPA. You may unsubscribe at any time. Before you run to the library for borrowing the next encyclopedia, check the advantages and disadvantages of being smart. So, do everything you can to tread the path of success. The future has a way of coming around the corner, softly, it’s here. Lack of motivation or experience may sometimes even hold you back from learning new things. With a combination of the natural competitive drive to be on their level to simple things such as simply observing their behavior – we become like a sponge and pick up on these good qualities and become a smarter person for it.Deepika JainIt has been three years now that I have been working with a group of very intelligent people, and still I have so much to learn from them. We are surrounded by different kinds of people that have their own way of thinking; we belong to different places and engage in different kind of work. 1) Reduction in Human Error: The phrase “human error” was born because humans make mistakes from time to time. Having them around awakens a desire to be like them. Our emotional intelligence affects the quality of our lives because it influences our behavior and relationships. Self-Awareness—People with high EQ understand themselves more deeply. Be on such a high intellectual plane that you forget to bathe, brush your teeth, wash your clothes, etc. It’s certainly easier and more comfortable to put yourself in a situation where you are the big fish in a small pond, and need to put in little effort to be seemingly ahead of the game. Pros. Only then it is possible for us to develop a common vision for our team members. Teachers may love or hate you for your smartness. Can invent something cool, have a legacy. We observe their actions, gradually start feeling comfortable in their company, and sometimes subconsciously start behaving like them. Can invent something cool, have a legacy. However, this accomplishes little more than increasing your ego and limiting your scope. I can't see any disadvantages to being a little smarter than average. (source) Difficult to relate to peers. Forfaiting ensures immediate cash to the exporter who is protected from the risk of non-payment by the importer, as well as it eliminates collection cost. It’s not that it was easy to adjust with these super driven people, I had tried a lot in the beginning to be like them. Athletes have known for a long time that athletic performance benefits from targeted training that has a scientific basis. Advantages of Forfaiting. Pros of being smart: You are a valuable and desired worker at every company. Decreased blog hits because no one knows what you’re talking about. One of the biggest advantages of being highly intelligent is the independence. Intelligent Agents & E-Commerce Introduction The internet has experienced a rapid shift from information and entertainment to electronic commerce. In researching the effect of attractiveness on hiring decisions, one study found that both male and female applicants were more likely to be given a job by potential employers than unattractive applicants with the same credentials and resume.